de Jong DUKE - Surano with cup mechanism


Fitted with an automatic cup mechanism for 220 cups the Surano C-series can either use the 70 mm diameter or the 73 mm. Use of your own mug or cup instructs the machine to withhold from dispensing a cup. An empty cup mechanism is not a problem as the machine will still dispense a drink due to intelligent software and cup sensors.

Surano C-300 - filterfresh® (paper filter)

220 cups, 1 brewer, 1 filter rol, 5 canisters, 2 mixers and up to 32 recipes. What matters is that it can make your preferred drink.

Surano C-400 - Instant

Your drink at the touch of a button. Within seconds, hassle-free and no waste. Numerous selections and large capacity!

Surano C-700 - CoEx® espresso

Without whole beans but fitted with almost everything else. A complete drink station.

Surano C-900 - CoEx® espresso bean2cup

The Surano C-900 offers a unique combination of product quality, selection diversity, ease of use and simple maintenance by use of the innovative CoEx® brewing technology for both fresh brew coffee and real espresso. Surano C-900 has both a bean-grinder and a canister for fresh ground coffee.

Surano C-1300 - Bean2filter (filterfresh®, beans)

Whole beans combined with the brewer which produces the best regular coffee makes the Surano bean2filter a unique single cup brewer.

Surano C-2700 - CoEx® fresh brew (paperless)

The perfect operating machine. A high capacity and functional options and endless possibilities. Best quality drinks available.