de Jong DUKE - Pica


Pica 100 - filterfresh® (paper filter)

The best regular coffee, the most reliable machine, the greatest flexibility and last but not least style. Pica offers you a choice of drinks at just a push of a button.

Pica 200 - Instant

Clean and simple, Fast and reliable. Pica instant with 1 to 5 canisters gives you a range of possibilities.

Pica 600 - CoEx® espresso

Coffee or espresso. Cappuccino or hot chocolate. Pica 600 uses ground coffee only but still gives you the quality delivered by CoEx. Two coffees are of course possible.

Pica 800 - CoEx® bean2cup

Whole beans and optionally ground coffee. The Pica 800 offers you the best of both worlds. Fresh brew coffee per cup or jug made with ground coffee and espresso and cappuccino made with whole beans.

Pica 1100 - bean2filter (filterfresh, beans)

The best filter coffee, fresh from whole beans.

Pica 1600 - CoEx® fresh brew (paperless)

Paperless using a metal filter the Pica 1600 is creating a excellent coffee. Of course other selections are also available.